VCGY(Vision Care Global Youth)
액티비티 성장지수
VCGY(Vision Care Global Youth) 소개
VCGY는 전세계 저개발, 저소득국가에서 치료비때문에 실명하는 사람들에게 개안수술을 할수있도록 수술비용을 모금하는 단체입니다.
Of the 45 million legally blind people in the world, 80 percent of their blindness could be avoided by proper treatment or prevention. Fifty percent of blindness is caused by cataracts, which are curable through surgery. According to WHO, 50 million people will suffer blindness from cataracts by 2020, with 90 percent of them living in less developed countries. Their illnesses could be cured with just $120 worth of medical supplies. This organization makes this fact along with the fact that one person per second and one child per five seconds are going blind. Our purpose is to get as many people involved in this cause so that more people could aid the suffering people.
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