The His/Her-story

The His/Her-story of Songtan Jeil High School Community :
 First founded on 12th Nov. 2011
 First leveled as "activity level initiated(시작하는 액티비티)"
 Activity remodeling on 17th Nov. 2011
Administrators changed - president as 조주희/ Co-president as 박명규 선생님/ Vice-president as 김경수 선생님/
Community manager as 유일남 선생님, 김동민 선생님 on 17th Nov. 2011
 Level Upgraded as "activity level growing(발전중인 액티비티)" on 20th Nov. 2011
 Level Upgraded as "activity level established(안정된 액티비티)" on 22nd Nov. 2011
 Participate in the YOUTHECA Challenge with the project : With Us, Songtan on 23rd Nov. 2011
 Level Upgraded as "activity level renowned(잘나가는 액티비티)" on 30th Nov. 2011
 Challenge Program ended on 10th Dec. 2011
 Top 20 of YOUTHECA Challenge Program on 23rd Dec. 2011
Constantly placed as Top 5 on Today's Score Board :
Constantly place as Top 1 on Category : Community & Service
56 members, 2 countries, 28 schools in the community on 8th Jan. 2012 present 
10+ Songtan Jeil Highschool realated Activities made on 8th Jan. 2012 present

And these greatful results are all thanks to the members of Songtan Jeil High School Community.
Thank you so much again and hope you guys would constantly be active for your DREAM!
Way to Go !! Fighting for all of us!

made by Juhee Jo on 8th Jan 2012.
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